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Lips of the Month, Yea! Double barrel up Yours, Kriegsmarine German navy blank beaver w/ P38, don't bother: nazigirls.blogspot is offline! Cuteness in Virgina Vildernes. FeckenCUM! Plus: three times Mina: Asian comic heroine fuckwit
Asian fantasi warrior Mina one more time! Dildos? Guns! Guns? Dildos! and what one can do with one. Watch that safeti!
guns? dildos? same same ... plus skulls. Yea! Ladi Yea! These are queens of kitsch and splatterpotch. Ladi ladi GAGA Beware!
Sergeant Robin Balcom
Dedicated tsahal fem tank warrior eyeballs w/ disgust a polish female re-enacting someting World War 2. Polish female w/ Schmeisser, tsahal fem warrior w/ heavy machine gun mounted on Merkava tank.
Patricia Patty Hearst, heiress to the fortune of the right wing media ticoon Randolf Hearst, in her role as Tania, freedom fightress w/ the Simbionese Liberation Armi, another wacko outfit doing the right thing the wrong way. The rich cunt was treated nicely, while her CUMrades were burned alive or clubbed to death. Original SLA promo above center, CC pic of Tania at the Hibernia bank job packin M1 carbine, Magazine title to the right, exploitation poster to the left.
Yea! If onli ever the post apokalipse would be sexy as this!
Yea! Gothen girls! in blacken bodices, one w/ Mossberg pump action, the other with sum kind of assault rifle who knows? She is hanging from a tree.
Girls and guns. Even more sexi w/ cars!
iiiiieeekhh! I'm Sara!
Wots w/ the titen and tanks? And the star-spangeld wastebands?
Ve have a gun AND a bird!
Granny got gun!
Ve have guns AND undergarments! And ve arre vett!
Babuschka got ax!