befriend diskopornosatan
is I , diskopornosatan, in my hidden identiti as CUMguru to the holliwood jetset off the 60s.
For the love of SLUT! I, diskopornosatan know, that SLUTka is actualli a slawik femel name.
To finally step out of the shadow now. First to show. There is CUM in sCUM. Let's share. Let's share payne. Bourgeois Burka Bondage. Like totally feckenCUM. Pink and pale whiteness, truth with frekkles. Learn about the hidden mysteri. Gargle. This is strange. Sex with absenties. Nobdi here. Like totally feckenCUM. To show and talk about. Hard. Absoluteli. Put up the pictures. Stop stuffing it with vergetables. Sin Hipster. Later, OK? FeckenCUM!
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